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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Surgery, Botox, Veneers, Extensions, Hair Removal

Ok for those of you who are Surge Virges.... this may come in handy....

When i had my boobs done I was so scared but went on recommendation i had a 375cc implant and it was partially under the muscle... it is such a big decision and something you should not cut corners with on cost and personally i would never reccomend surgery abroad..

i had my boobs done by Lawry Iregbulem at Profile Clinic .... the operation was one of the best things i have ever done for my confidence and they look so much better on my frame than my smaller boobs, im naturally curvy and wanted to stay that way but just wanted to balance my top half out....

I am so happy with how friendly they are and how lovely the patient co-ordinator Cheryl is that i have since been back for Botox and also Lazer Hair removal which is Pain Free..... I'd recommend them for any surgery you may be considering

here is the link to the clinic xx


I had my Veneers done at another recommended clinic called Ultimate Smile Spa in Manchester by Dr Lance Knight... he is well known in his field and again very friendly, professional and amazing at what he does


Something i couldnt live without is my hair extensions... my hair is long naturally but to style I think hair generally looks better with extensions... especially when it is curled...

I get my hair done by Nev at Wonderful hair and they are cold fusion bonds so no heat whatsoever.. they last the full 3 months (which I find rare for bonded extensions) they have the system in many salons so have a look on the website and see if there is one near you xx

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Hope these helped xx


  1. Thanks Maria, it is good to know this as most celebrities won't even admit to having surgery! You look great and as long as you feel great as well thts all that matters! I will be doing a TOWIE blog soon! Take a look at my blog at
    I will be watching Towie tonight and hopefully seeing you in Cardiff at the Towie night tomorrow!

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  5. That is nice of you to share these clinics and surgeons, Maria. Judging from your looks, these surgeons really did their job well. You’re blooming and look very beautiful in these photos. Can we see your photos before you decided to go under the knife?

    Katie Hallison

  6. The botox and surgeries venners extension of hair, good post

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  8. Perfect! My dds austin friends appreciates your style and everything you have shared here. Keep inspiring!

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