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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My Beauty Essentials

So many of you lovely people ask me about my 'Cant live without's'

Here they are....

Ha Ha... I'm joking...

But on a serious note... here are my Makeup Essentials...

1) MAC Studio Fix Fluid 

.... they do like a million different colours, generally I'm an NC35 which i think is about medium but they do different tones. Some are best suited to pinker skin tones, some more yellow based, mine is more of a yellow colour.

If you go in store they will match you up exactly. I think its always better to be a slight bit lighter than darker, or you will get tidemarks and be forever trying to blend it in...

That is what they look like...  ^^^^

Now an important thing is to ensure you moisturise first... and regular exfoliation; I use St Ives microdermabrasion once a week and day to day I use Neutrogena face wash which is a gentle exfoliant too.... 

Once every few weeks a facial works wonders too.... CRYSTAL CLEAR are amazing for making you look young and fresh!!!

When I apply my foundation i always use this brush...

It's MAC 187 and if you ask for that in store they'll get it... all the MAC brushes are numbered makes life so easy!! It's an amazing brush to blend your foundation in softly and perfectly and layer it up.....

2) Jelly Pong Pong - Wake up Makeup 

This is amazing Particularly for the Eyebrow Shadows... they are perfect to shade in your brows without them looking too 'Pencilled' (which i hate....)  

i love my eyebrows to be high and arched and i find a good shadow applied with an angle brush really help manipulate the shape of them and brings out your eyes ..... this set also has an amazing under eye brightner and face brightener too!!! PERFECT!

3) Fake Tan!!!

The fake tan I have always used it ST TROPEZ! I use the lotion in the bottle and apply with a mit... the mits are easily found in boots and i use a mit to 

1. Get even coverage

2. To avoid getting and excess on my hands..... lightly sweep over hands then use a daily moisturiser with a hint of tan (i use Garnier) on my hands so they're not too orange..

I tan about once every 3 days and inbetween use the Garnier daily moisturiser that has a bit of fake tan in... but remember always exfoliate inbetween (Boots do brilliant exfoliating mits) or you'll end up looking too tango and we dont like that do we!!!

I have got a bottle of Lauren Goodgers new Fake tan 'Laurens Way' here which i am going to be trying tomorrow.. and i've heard it knocks spots off all the other tanning products on the market!!!! i'll be posting my review and a pic as soon as its on!!

4) Sudocrem!

Ok so this sounds crazy.... but at night before you sleep (as long as you havent just applied tan) cover your face with a thin layer of sudocrem.... it seems to prevent new spots appearing as it has antiseptic and as it is designed for babies it is so gentle to your skin and is a bargain at about £3!!! (And apparently Cheryl Cole uses it so if its good enough for Cheryl, it's good enough for me!)

 Thats all for now but i will be posting more essentials soon!! (There are many)


  1. im trying the sudocrem right now its working so good so far! Love your new blog x

  2. Just discovered your blog! I am a make up fanatic and love the show and I always wonder what make up you all use! I kind of have a love hate relationship with Mac Studio Fix Fluid but at the moment I am loving it xx

  3. oooh i will def be trying the sudo crem technique!! thanks for sharing xx

  4. love your blog! and just want to say you're so entertaining and lovely in towie, ignore kirk hehe-you're the best xx

  5. Sudocrem is something which I literally swear by! It is fantastic, and I adore any foundations by MAC. have you ever tried ShuUemura? Its about the same price as MAC but about 10 times better! Very luxe, the counter in Harrods is gorgeous and bang opposite MAC...oh the competition!

  6. Whats the face wash have lovely skin :) x

  7. How do you keep your tan looking like, fresh? I use st tropez too but find it can become a bit shitty after a few days especially on my arms! x

  8. I use Sudocrem literally every night, works a treat! definitely cannot live without it.

  9. Thanks for your make up guide, hopefully you can share some advice on our towie tour soon!