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Friday, 20 May 2011

A Big Hair Blog....

Ok... so a lot of people ask me how i do my hair... 

When I go out, I generally wear it like this.... (Sorry its a bad pic lol, me and my friend Greg at the Lipsy party) 

- Jumpsuit from shoes from

So to do it like this.. is quite easy.....  

I wash and condition my hair, I have hair extensions, and a big secret that Pope taught me is to use this conditioner on extensions to keep them smooth

Its Found usually by the hair dye in supermarkets and boots etc, and I think its meant to be used after dying hair, its about a pound a tube the tubes are small but i think its well worth it to maintain soft extensions.... 

After Washing, conditioning and rough drying hair I dry my hair in small sections root to tip using a large round brush... paying attention to the ends.... DO NOT STRAIGHTEN.

once hair is dry, using the round brush I heat the front section going backwards like the pic below (which isn't my pic so if its yours I can remove)

As you can see the pic has 2 sections going back, I just do the fringe area (ONE SECTION), and put a Velcro roller in it secured with a grip....

Now with the rest of my hair i use these.... babyliss heated rollers i think they're about £30 in Argos Boots etc x

I put about 12 or 13 rollers in for a full head only using the Large and Medium ones, and all facing back like the pic shows

I use the larger rollers through the top and medium sized ones through the bottom.... make sure you heat them up for about 20mins before hand and that you hair is completely dry also.

Then spray loads of hairspray on, my favourite one is Tresseme black can with pink label.... its amazing!

Leave these in whilst you do other things makeup etc.. an hour is a good time to give them chance to cool down..

Take the rollers out one by one and spray each section, then comb/ruffle through with FINGERS, not a comb or brush as i find this makes the curls drop out.... also take your Velcro roller out of the front and your fringe will be nice and bouncy...

You can also backcomb the underneath and smooth over the crown area with a soft bristle brush.. i.e Denman.

I really hope that made sense xxx