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Friday, 20 May 2011

A Big Hair Blog....

Ok... so a lot of people ask me how i do my hair... 

When I go out, I generally wear it like this.... (Sorry its a bad pic lol, me and my friend Greg at the Lipsy party) 

- Jumpsuit from shoes from

So to do it like this.. is quite easy.....  

I wash and condition my hair, I have hair extensions, and a big secret that Pope taught me is to use this conditioner on extensions to keep them smooth

Its Found usually by the hair dye in supermarkets and boots etc, and I think its meant to be used after dying hair, its about a pound a tube the tubes are small but i think its well worth it to maintain soft extensions.... 

After Washing, conditioning and rough drying hair I dry my hair in small sections root to tip using a large round brush... paying attention to the ends.... DO NOT STRAIGHTEN.

once hair is dry, using the round brush I heat the front section going backwards like the pic below (which isn't my pic so if its yours I can remove)

As you can see the pic has 2 sections going back, I just do the fringe area (ONE SECTION), and put a Velcro roller in it secured with a grip....

Now with the rest of my hair i use these.... babyliss heated rollers i think they're about £30 in Argos Boots etc x

I put about 12 or 13 rollers in for a full head only using the Large and Medium ones, and all facing back like the pic shows

I use the larger rollers through the top and medium sized ones through the bottom.... make sure you heat them up for about 20mins before hand and that you hair is completely dry also.

Then spray loads of hairspray on, my favourite one is Tresseme black can with pink label.... its amazing!

Leave these in whilst you do other things makeup etc.. an hour is a good time to give them chance to cool down..

Take the rollers out one by one and spray each section, then comb/ruffle through with FINGERS, not a comb or brush as i find this makes the curls drop out.... also take your Velcro roller out of the front and your fringe will be nice and bouncy...

You can also backcomb the underneath and smooth over the crown area with a soft bristle brush.. i.e Denman.

I really hope that made sense xxx

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Eyes, Eyes, Eyes....

So many of you girls ask me about my Eyeshadow and Eyeshadow Techniques....

I always do my own makeup for filming, and events....

For the look i generally always have on TOWIE which is like this..... (not the best pics)

Here is the best way i can explain for you....

Here is what I use (many cheaper alternatives available in boots etc)
- MAC 224 Brush
- MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush
- MAC 217 Blending Brush
- MAC 219 Pencil Brush

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner and Brush
Eyeliner Angle Brush

3 eyeshadows... Base, Medium colour and a darker shading colour

I put the base all over with the 224 fluffy brush, then i apply a medium shade of whatever colour scheme im using on my eyes- using the 217 brush....on the lid and blending into socket

Then taking my darkest shade i will use the 239 to add even smokier on the very outer corners of the eyes and the 219 to continue the blending along the underneath....

On the inside of my eye i use a Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner and it doesnt move at all, also my top lid i line it very close to the lashes the bobbi brown Gel, then put my lashes on top...

Its so hard to describe on a blog, maybe ill do a youtube tutorial soon.... but the best colours i use and highly recommend and wear often on the show are these...

All MAC (about £7 each)....

Antiqued (amazing on blue eyes as its a very warm copper brown)

MAC - Phloofi (amazing for highlighting browbones -just under brows)

MAC - Twinks .. really nice darker brown for outer corners and under eyes
If you go into any Mac, Bobbi Brown Chanel theyll help you pick a lovely selection of lights, darks etc so you can create a nice smokey eye..... p.s im not working or promoting MAC for any other reason than that  i just love thier products!

On a smaller budget.,.... this is amazing for creating a smokey eye look and i have it to take on nights out to touch up my makeup UNDER £7

i would always recommend applying eyeshadow with brushes though, not the sponges as you can blend a lot better and easier with brushes

Another thing i LOVE are the mac pigments (theyre are basically pure concentrated eyeshadow and go on so rich in colour).... they look like this.. they are priced at about £12 or maybe £14 (i cant find the price online)

A good cheaper alternative to these is the Barry M Dazzle Dust...... they are A...MAZING!!!!!!

Theyre Priced at £4.59 on the Website 

Ok so my brain is now fried im not used to using it this much ahhaa, so will post some more when i think of what to put! xxxx

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Foundation Foundation Foundation...

So i mentioned in a previous post i use the MAC Full Coverage Foundation..... heres my tips on what i do on the rest of my face... for a Flawless heavy look (night time) or every day if your anything like the Towie girls,,,

Apply the Mac Full coverage with the 187 big fluffy brush....

Once this had been applied.... i use a smaller stubby brush the 130  (which is like a miniature version of the 187)

I use this to then apply MAC Full Coverage - Which is another foundation but comes in a cream form.... over the top of the studio fix fluid (see i told you it is a heavy look) mainly on cheeks and nose it goes perfectly over the top for me and i find the combination of the Full coverage and the 130 brush buffs in perfectly and disguises any problem open poures and blemishes.... 

I then use MAC 'Studio Finish' concealor under eyes and between brows slightly to conceal any dark circles.... 

So basically all MAC products on my face (apart from the Jelly Pong Pong palette i mentioned in previous blog)

I then Use a bronzer (MAC mineralise) but this is only lightly sweeped and I use this to mainly contour my cheekbones. Never use a Shimmer bronzer to try and contour as it picks up the light. Anything you want to look smaller or add depth to use matt and anything you want to hightlight (cheekbones/browbones) shimmer/cream always looks amazing.

If your a makeup artist and your having a heartattack right about now.... this is how 'I' do it and it always looks flawless and not too heavy.....

Heres a recent picture using the above products to prepare for Mark and Laurens engagement party where I look Gormless and drunk Flawless and funk!


Surgery, Botox, Veneers, Extensions, Hair Removal

Ok for those of you who are Surge Virges.... this may come in handy....

When i had my boobs done I was so scared but went on recommendation i had a 375cc implant and it was partially under the muscle... it is such a big decision and something you should not cut corners with on cost and personally i would never reccomend surgery abroad..

i had my boobs done by Lawry Iregbulem at Profile Clinic .... the operation was one of the best things i have ever done for my confidence and they look so much better on my frame than my smaller boobs, im naturally curvy and wanted to stay that way but just wanted to balance my top half out....

I am so happy with how friendly they are and how lovely the patient co-ordinator Cheryl is that i have since been back for Botox and also Lazer Hair removal which is Pain Free..... I'd recommend them for any surgery you may be considering

here is the link to the clinic xx


I had my Veneers done at another recommended clinic called Ultimate Smile Spa in Manchester by Dr Lance Knight... he is well known in his field and again very friendly, professional and amazing at what he does


Something i couldnt live without is my hair extensions... my hair is long naturally but to style I think hair generally looks better with extensions... especially when it is curled...

I get my hair done by Nev at Wonderful hair and they are cold fusion bonds so no heat whatsoever.. they last the full 3 months (which I find rare for bonded extensions) they have the system in many salons so have a look on the website and see if there is one near you xx

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Hope these helped xx

My Beauty Essentials

So many of you lovely people ask me about my 'Cant live without's'

Here they are....

Ha Ha... I'm joking...

But on a serious note... here are my Makeup Essentials...

1) MAC Studio Fix Fluid 

.... they do like a million different colours, generally I'm an NC35 which i think is about medium but they do different tones. Some are best suited to pinker skin tones, some more yellow based, mine is more of a yellow colour.

If you go in store they will match you up exactly. I think its always better to be a slight bit lighter than darker, or you will get tidemarks and be forever trying to blend it in...

That is what they look like...  ^^^^

Now an important thing is to ensure you moisturise first... and regular exfoliation; I use St Ives microdermabrasion once a week and day to day I use Neutrogena face wash which is a gentle exfoliant too.... 

Once every few weeks a facial works wonders too.... CRYSTAL CLEAR are amazing for making you look young and fresh!!!

When I apply my foundation i always use this brush...

It's MAC 187 and if you ask for that in store they'll get it... all the MAC brushes are numbered makes life so easy!! It's an amazing brush to blend your foundation in softly and perfectly and layer it up.....

2) Jelly Pong Pong - Wake up Makeup 

This is amazing Particularly for the Eyebrow Shadows... they are perfect to shade in your brows without them looking too 'Pencilled' (which i hate....)  

i love my eyebrows to be high and arched and i find a good shadow applied with an angle brush really help manipulate the shape of them and brings out your eyes ..... this set also has an amazing under eye brightner and face brightener too!!! PERFECT!

3) Fake Tan!!!

The fake tan I have always used it ST TROPEZ! I use the lotion in the bottle and apply with a mit... the mits are easily found in boots and i use a mit to 

1. Get even coverage

2. To avoid getting and excess on my hands..... lightly sweep over hands then use a daily moisturiser with a hint of tan (i use Garnier) on my hands so they're not too orange..

I tan about once every 3 days and inbetween use the Garnier daily moisturiser that has a bit of fake tan in... but remember always exfoliate inbetween (Boots do brilliant exfoliating mits) or you'll end up looking too tango and we dont like that do we!!!

I have got a bottle of Lauren Goodgers new Fake tan 'Laurens Way' here which i am going to be trying tomorrow.. and i've heard it knocks spots off all the other tanning products on the market!!!! i'll be posting my review and a pic as soon as its on!!

4) Sudocrem!

Ok so this sounds crazy.... but at night before you sleep (as long as you havent just applied tan) cover your face with a thin layer of sudocrem.... it seems to prevent new spots appearing as it has antiseptic and as it is designed for babies it is so gentle to your skin and is a bargain at about £3!!! (And apparently Cheryl Cole uses it so if its good enough for Cheryl, it's good enough for me!)

 Thats all for now but i will be posting more essentials soon!! (There are many)

Ok so here's my first post...

Here is my first EVER blog post since being an Extra Cast Member on TOWIE.. i have had a phenominal amount of tweets off girls asking about everything from the tan i use, the extensions i have to the colour nail polish i use.. etc etc...

Firstly ill start on the Nail Polish front... this spring summer, and on all my Towie Episodes i am wearing these Pastel polishes, and despite living in Essex... i am not a fan of big Acrylic nails... 

I prefer my nails to be much shorter and block colours.... im currently wearing 'PINK BLUSH' i love the Models Own Polish's as they go on thick, dry quick and barely chip, i find an undercoat and top coat is essential for long lasting wear! 

its on here  and is a bargain for £5

other colours i ADORE by them are basically all of the pastel polish's on the link above! 

How nice are they!