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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Foundation Foundation Foundation...

So i mentioned in a previous post i use the MAC Full Coverage Foundation..... heres my tips on what i do on the rest of my face... for a Flawless heavy look (night time) or every day if your anything like the Towie girls,,,

Apply the Mac Full coverage with the 187 big fluffy brush....

Once this had been applied.... i use a smaller stubby brush the 130  (which is like a miniature version of the 187)

I use this to then apply MAC Full Coverage - Which is another foundation but comes in a cream form.... over the top of the studio fix fluid (see i told you it is a heavy look) mainly on cheeks and nose it goes perfectly over the top for me and i find the combination of the Full coverage and the 130 brush buffs in perfectly and disguises any problem open poures and blemishes.... 

I then use MAC 'Studio Finish' concealor under eyes and between brows slightly to conceal any dark circles.... 

So basically all MAC products on my face (apart from the Jelly Pong Pong palette i mentioned in previous blog)

I then Use a bronzer (MAC mineralise) but this is only lightly sweeped and I use this to mainly contour my cheekbones. Never use a Shimmer bronzer to try and contour as it picks up the light. Anything you want to look smaller or add depth to use matt and anything you want to hightlight (cheekbones/browbones) shimmer/cream always looks amazing.

If your a makeup artist and your having a heartattack right about now.... this is how 'I' do it and it always looks flawless and not too heavy.....

Heres a recent picture using the above products to prepare for Mark and Laurens engagement party where I look Gormless and drunk Flawless and funk!



  1. The 130 Brush is my ultimate concealer/buffing brush, I go on about it far too much!! xx

  2. Brilliant Blog, Please follow my blog too!


  3. awww totally love you maria and cant wait for more makeup tips and tricks from you.
    follow back doll :)

  4. what is the foundation that comes in a cream form called? thanks sweetie x

  5. found this post very helpful! looking into getting my boobs done too! Can u do a diet/excercise tips post too?xx

  6. Love the title of your blog Maria and how you laugh of any negative comments. Your blog is reem! x

  7. Love this post, I am an absolute MAC addict and think their make-up is amazing.